STOCKMEIER Holding GmbH, Bielefeld
Am Stadtholz 37
33609 Bielefeld

+49 521 / 3037-0
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Cleaner for the Food Industry

We meet high expectations for cleanliness and hygiene

Products for the food industry sectors

Exceptional Partnerships for over 90 years

As a family business, the STOCKMEIER Group has prided itself on an exceptional partnership with its customers for over 90 years. Not a day goes by where we are not working hard to optimize the quality of our products and processes. Our team develops solutions to ensure that both we and our customers are always at the top of our game. In fact, it is our close, longstanding relationships with our customers and suppliers that allow us to develop, manufacture and market sophisticated products around the world from a single source.

Our extensive expertise in the fields of product development, production and service comes into play every single day, as we provide our customers with customized solutions of the highest quality. To meet the various demanding requirements of companies in the food-processing industry – particularly with regard to their high expectations for cleanliness and hygiene – STOCKMEIER cleaning agents offer the perfect wide-ranging solution. That is the only way to protect the health and general wellbeing of consumers.