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100 years STOCKMEIER Group

Great chemistry since 1920

In 100 years STOCKMEIER has grown from a regional distributor to a group of companies with >50 locations in Germany, Europe and the world. When August Stockmeier founded a company in 1920 in Bielefeld for the distribution of chemical-technical articles, nobody could have foreseen this development.

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Electronic Cigarettes

New flavours for a new market segment

Extensive Flavours for more Enjoyment

The tasty alternative

With the launch of electronic cigarettes as an alternative to tobacco products, food product flavours are now being used in this new market segment. We now offer an extensive range of flavours for this purpose. These food product flavorings can be offered starting from a released quantity of 2.5 kg. Our recipes are also adjusted to comply with amendments to the Tobacco Products Directive (TPD). We also continue to register our flavours with the EU using the European Community portal. As a result, the STOCKMEIER Food flavour registration number can be used as a recipe component when being registering an e-liquid.

STOCKMEIER Food flavours are used in products like electronic cigarettes, e-shishas, etc.

New applications for our flavorings are opening up new and interesting business fields for STOCKMEIER Food.

Axel Westerfeld

Sales Management Germany

Our product range of flavours (Download)


  • extensive range of flavours with low minimum order quantities
  • “Made in Germany” quality
  • short delivery times
  • adjustment of recipes according to customer preferences
Electronic Cigarette with fruits

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