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The story of the STOCKMEIER Group

1920til today

Strong connections from Bielefeld and the world.
For 100 years.

We are celebrating 100 year of STOCKMEIER!

When August Stockmeier founded a company in 1920 in Bielefeld for the sale of chemical-technical articles and industrial supplies, nobody could have guessed what dimensions the company would take on later.

Over the past 100 years, STOCKMEIER has grown into a group of companies with over 50 branches in Germany, Europe and throughout the world. 

With all the development of new markets and international expansion, we are proud to be an independent family business from Bielefeld. The basis for our success are our great employees.


Historical potrait of August Stockmeier

The start of something big

The beginnings in 1920 are modest, the company is run in rented premises in Bielefeld. In 1921, Heinrich Möller joins the company as an equal partner. Thus the Chemische Fabrik Stockmeier + Möller is founded.

Historic picture of headquarters in Bielefeld

Stockmeier and Möller acquire the property on Eckendorfer Strasse in Bielefeld. The business premises are relocated here. This location is still the headquarters of the group today.

STOCKMEIER employees 1950

The 30th anniversary of the company is celebrated and a group photo is taken with all employees.


Setting a new course with the second generation

In 1959, Dr. Jürgen Stockmeier joins the management board. In the same year his father August dies and he has to take full responsibility for the Stockmeier family-line. At that time the company had about 70 employees.

In order to become more independent from the pure chemicals trade, Stockmeier breaks new ground in the next decades: In addition to the trading business, the company focused on development and production in various areas of application.

Factory building of STOCKMEIER Chemie

This year the owner families Stockmeier and Möller part ways. The company is split up and STOCKMEIER Chemie is established with headquarters in Bielefeld. The Möller family takes over the location in Steinfurt.

Construction site solvent tanks 1985

From 1985 to 1989, the solvent stock at the Bielefeld site was renovated. Tanks are renewed and brought up to the state of the art.


On the road to success with nationwide growth

In 1990, Peter Stockmeier joins the company and consistently expands both the trading business and the production area. Through organic growth and strategic acquisitions, the group achieves a leading position in Germany and other European countries. 

In May 1991 STOCKMEIER Urethanes is founded in Bielefeld. In 1990, Dr. Jürgen Stockmeier met Edwin Martinkat through a mutual friend and in a few meetings he founded a polyurethane system house which concentrates on the development and production of coatings, adhesives, sealants and elastomers.

Construction project 1992

In the following years, continuous construction and expansion measures are carried out at the Bielefeld site.

STOCKMEIER Food samples

STOCKMEIER Food is founded in Bielefeld. The company specialises in the production of food flavourings. For space reasons, STOCKMEIER Food later moves to Herford, where it now operates two plants.

SNAD SA in Cernay (France), today's STOCKMEIER Urethanes France S.A.S., is acquired.


Because of space reasons, STOCKMEIER Food moves to its own location in Herford in 1999. 

The chemical company Karl Löffler with locations in Cologne and Eilenburg near Leipzig is taken over in 2000. At this time STOCKMEIER Chemie has approx. 100 employees and an annual turnover of approx. 96 million DM. The tonnage per year is 100,000 tons.

High Rack Bielefeld 2003

The new high-rack warehouse in Bielefeld is put into operation. The additional storage capacities will enable further expansion of the business and are an important step in the further development of the company.

STOCKMEIER Urethanes began exporting to the United States in the late 1990s. Due to the popularity on the market, the owner families decided to invest in the development of a system house in America. Immediately after the foundation of STOCKMEIER Urethanes USA, Inc., the property in Clarksburg, West Virginia, was purchased in spring 2003. Over the years, various expansion projects have been completed to further support growth.


KAPP-CHEMIE in Miehlen is taken over in 2007. The company focuses on the development, production and sale of specialised chemical products for the fabric and textile industry.

The STOCKMEIER Group thus continues to diversify its business and, in addition to chemical distribution, is building up a further pillar with a manufacturing company.

A joint venture is formed with Staub & Co. with locations in Nuremberg and Munich. The STOCKMEIER Group is now also represented with its own locations in Southern Germany.

STOCKMEIER Urethanes Lemgo

The business of STOCKMEIER Urethanes has developed very well. The company is therefore moving to the Lemgo site. 

Aerial view of the STOCKMEIER Bielefeld plant

Quaron, an established chemicals distributor in France, is acquired through a joint venture between STOCKMEIER and OQEMA.

In the same year the premises in Bielefeld are considerably enlarged by the purchase of the neighbouring Anker-Werke site. New offices, storage and consignment areas as well as production areas are created.

In 2011, STOCKMEIER Urethanes acquires the British company Greenfield Polymers Ltd., today STOCKMEIER Urethanes UK Ltd.


In February 2013 the insolvent KRUSE Group is taken over. In one stroke more than 400 employees join the STOCKMEIER Group. As a result of this acquisition, STOCKMEIER now generates sales of around 600 million euros in Germany, the Benelux countries and Poland with its chemical distribution business.

In the same year, the company Silbermann in Gablingen was acquired through the joint venture with Staub & Co. Acquired. Since then the company has been operating under the name STAUB & CO. - SILBERMANN.

In Bielefeld, the new production facility and the second high-rack warehouse are put into operation on the site at Stadtholz 37.

HDS Chemie, headquartered in Vienna, is taken over. The Austrian chemicals trader specializes in the markets of Central Eastern Europe.


The expansion course will be continued. The chemical distribution division of the Spanish INDUKERN Group is acquired by STOCKMEIER. The business is continued by the newly founded STOCKMEIER Química.

In July, STOCKMEIER acquires a further 50% of Quaron in France and now holds 100% of the company. 

In October, STOCKMEIER Food acquires Aroma Bázis in Hungary. The company is continued as STOCKMEIER Food Kft. as part of the STOCKMEIER Group.

A new production hall for cleaning agents is built at the Bielefeld site, which goes into operation in 2019. Further construction measures are still pending.

STOCKMEIER celebrates its 100th anniversary. Due to the corona situation, the big party unfortunately has to be postponed, but the anniversary year is still under the name 100 years STOCKMEIER Group - Great Chemistry since 1920.

In the same year, the STOCKMEIER Group acquires a majority shareholding in Kemtan AG based in Reinach near Basel. The Swiss company is a long-standing trading house for specialty chemicals and contractual partner of well-known manufacturers.


Sustainable growth and further development of the STOCKMEIER Group

Today the STOCKMEIER Group produces and distributes more than 25,000 different chemical standard and specialized products. More than 1,800 employees work at more than 50 locations in Germany, Europe and overseas. They supply around 30,000 customers with chemicals for a wide variety of applications.

With all the opening up of new markets and international expansion, we are proud to be an independent family business from Bielefeld. The basis for our success are our great employees

In the future, we are also looking forward to catching up on our big anniversary celebration for the 100th anniversary. This is also expressed by our 130-page chronicle with many stories and portraits from the STOCKMEIER world.