STOCKMEIER Holding GmbH, Bielefeld
Am Stadtholz 37
33609 Bielefeld

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Quality at KAPP-CHEMIE

Improve the best

Our quality self-conception

A certified quality management system in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001 guarantees our customers consistently high quality products. Our modern in-house laboratory permanently monitors the quality of the products and of the raw materials in use.

Our qualified, experienced and practice-oriented team is at your disposal. It acts in accordance with our philosophy "Improve the best".

Quality in all segments

At a glance

  • ISO certified - and experienced - continuously since 1996
  • Clear guidelines structure our processes, define responsibilities, aim errorless working, identify risks and opportunities
  • Regular trainings of our staff ensure, maintain and expand a quality conscious and motivated working behaviour.
  • Safe working conditions are, of courese, a fundamental base at our factory, regularly monitored and kept up to date.



Monika Sturm
Quality Management

+49 6772 / 9311-530


Dr. Alphonse Pesch
Head of Analytics and Development Textile

+49 6772 / 9311-690