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KAPPASORB - Super Absorber

Absorbing granulate for liquids of all kinds

Our superabsorbent KAPPASORB is a polyacrylate-based absorbent that has the ability to absorb and bind permanently 100 - 200 times its own weight in various liquids. This product is used in many different technical and industrial institutions/ companies such as e.g. hospitals, workshops, production companies, etc. The liquid binding process takes only a few seconds, minimizes the formation of odors and can easily be disposed of with household waste.

We offer our customers individual packages of gelling granules. Starting with sachets of water-soluble film with different gramatures - such as 4g, 16g, 20g - up to buckets, cans or large containers such as bags á 20kg. We try to fulfill every customer request.
You are welcome to contact us for the packaging of your desired container variant and size!

Advantages at a glance

  • Highly efficient absorption and permanent retention of unwanted liquids
  • Strong swelling power
  • Easy handling of the pouches
  • Easy and clean disposal
  • Simple transport of liquids to be disposed

Service & Support



Melanie Meyer
Sales Coordinator Services

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Lisa Groß
Sales Coordinator Services

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Christian Severing
Development Services

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