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Proximity is good for every connection

With all our experience gleaned from 150 years in the chemicals industry

We have been distributing chemicals for an incredibly wide range of applications for a century and a half now, and are now among the top chemical distribution companies in Germany.

  • Our solids rangeincludes all products available on the market.
  • In terms of acids and bases, we also deliver the entire range of typical inorganics.
  • We are able to provide a number of different solvents and plasticisers specifically tailored to your requirements.
  • In addition, we offer a high-performance portfolio of specialty chemicals for a broad range of different industries and applications.

And beyond the traditional chemicals trade, we are there for you, working hand-in-hand with our customers to find the perfect solution for any requirement.

  • If it’s special mixtures you’re looking for, we produce these in flexible package sizes at our modern filling facilities.
  • We offer careful contract manufacturing as well. We manufacture, process and fill all kinds of chemical preparations on your behalf, regardless of whether they are aqueous, solvent-containing or powdered.
  • Numerous other services complement our portfolio.

All of this is provided with the highest level of delivery reliability through direct access to nearly 50 locations, on excellent terms thanks to volume bundling at STOCKMEIER’s Central Purchasing department.

We currently have 26,000 products in our range. Our regional proximity means we are extremely familiar with local needs and can even delivery small volumes on a short timescale. This allows us to realize sales volumes for our suppliers that they themselves would never be able to unlock with this degree of individuality.


With us, the chemistry is just right

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