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Confectionery & Baked Goods

High-quality flavours for candy, crackers, cookies and more

Flavours for convincing results

We make your creation unique

Candy, crackers and cookies in particular are virtually impossible to make without using flavours. In addition to bourbon vanilla extracts, preferred products include many other natural recipes developed and tested by STOCKMEIER Food. Fruit flavours are extensively used, as are many flavours such as vanilla, cream, caramel and chocolate.

STOCKMEIER Food flavours are used in products like hard boiled candies, jellies, chocolate, pralines, bars, cookies, tarts, etc.

The fluctuating availability of vanilla extracts has forced us to develop new, innovative, natural recipes our demanding customers can embrace!

Ina Sommer

Development Manager

Our product range of flavours (Download)


  • customer-focused development
  • application testing
  • customer-commissioned production = delivery in one batch with full shelf life
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