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100 years STOCKMEIER Group

Great chemistry since 1920

In 100 years STOCKMEIER has grown from a regional distributor to a group of companies with >50 locations in Germany, Europe and the world. When August Stockmeier founded a company in 1920 in Bielefeld for the distribution of chemical-technical articles, nobody could have foreseen this development.

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Several people putting their hands on top of each other - Open innovation spirit

Open Innovation @ STOCKMEIER

We are alchemists

Innovation and Change at STOCKMEIER

From 1920 into the future.

100 years of successful business models in chemical distribution cannot be transferred to the digital world overnight. The world of chemistry is changing fast and we are well prepared for the upcoming challenges: Our new Business Innovation & Digitization team channels our activities around digitization.

The innovation potential of the industry is enormous: in order to shape tomorrow's world of chemistry, we closely cooperate with various partners including start-ups,  external consulting companies, and of course our customers and suppliers. In this way, we are constantly evolving in order to use new ideas and innovations in a targeted manner for our customers.

Sharpening ideas together

For a better perspective

Introduce yourself, your idea, your mission.

We would be pleased to further develop your product, ideas or solution together with you. Benefit from the knowledge and know-how of our company. Become our partner in the innovation process.

STOCKMEIER has a broad focus

We invite all of you to collaborate:

  • Cooperation in the development of new business models in the world of chemistry
  • Acquisition of shares and start-up assistance for young companies
  • Solutions to simplify our processes
  • Your founding spirit
  • Last but not least interesting new products in industrial or specialty chemicals

Exploring opportunities as a team

We are offering:

  • Feedback on your products and services, i.e. check Product-Market-Fit, etc.
  • Contacts to potential business partners, customers or suppliers
  • Access into our very extensive distribution network – a gateway for your product
  • Access to STOCKMEIERs knowledge
  • Start-up support

Open Innovation!

What is Open Innovation at Stockmeier?

A definition for our company

Open Innovation is defined as the opening of the innovation process in organizations. At Stockmeier we live it this way: We use the knowledge of specialists to better understand our data or to open up new markets.

Together with external companies, we test sales and information provision on the Internet. We have also completed a small investment in a software company. We open up completely new and innovative subject areas with workshops or participation in working groups and congresses.

Design Thinking

What is Design Thinking at STOCKMEIER?

A creative and structured working method

Design Thinking is a user-centered working method that runs through the innovation process in a creative but structured way. The method is divided into six phases:

  1. Understand
  2. Observe
  3. Define
  4. Ideate
  5. Prototype
  6. Test

The Design Thinking process lives primarily from its iterative orientation, i.e. the six phases do not follow each other linearly, but can be repeated or run through in a different order depending on the application.

"freiraum" for creative working

In addition to the process, flexible furnishings and interdisciplinarity are at the center of Design Thinking. At STOCKMEIER, we have created the space to meet these new work requirements, it is called "freiraum" (free space). This project room has movable pin boards, a writable wall, bean bags and cubes and a bar table and can therefore be furnished very flexibly and according to requirements.

In the spring of this year we held an 8-week Design Thinking course for the first time. Not only employees of the STOCKMEIER Group were involved, but also external companies. The participants learned a lot about the method and acquired new knowledge. The results were presented together at the end.

Buzzword Bingo!

Current Buzzwords

Their general definition and our understanding

BuzzwordDefinitionWhat does it mean for STOCKMEIER?
Mastering digital transformation Change process based on digital technologiesDigital technologies are important for the chemical industry. We are always on the lookout. When we see meaningful ideas, we adapt our successful business to current challenges.
Showing entrepreneurial spiritQuestioning existing structures plus having the courage to go ahead and create something new.East Westphalia is a stronghold of founders. August Stockmeier founded our company in 1920 in a small house. Even today we find entrepreneurship great!
Work agileAgility is a characteristic of the management of an organization, to act flexible and beyond that proactively and anticipatively in order to introduce necessary changes (source: Wikipedia). We strive to increasingly integrate agile methods into our daily work. Practice makes perfect.
Revolutionizing the business modelNo definition necessaryChanges in the business model can make the chemical distribution better. We are working on this for our customers.
Market disruptionDisruption is a process in which an existing business model or an entire market is replaced or "smashed" by a rapidly growing innovation. (Source: Gründerszene)The GAFAs in the VUCA world don't do chemistry yet. We are watching them all!
Digital platformDigital platforms are based on an infrastructure that connects market players. They benefit from the network effect and can disrupt entire marketsStockmeier sees digital platforms as important distribution channels. We are exploring the market and investing in exciting projects (e.g. chembid, the search engine for chemicals).
CoopetitionThe simultaneous appearance of cooperation and competition.We are always open to cooperation in order to jointly shape the successful future of chemical distribution.
Co-creationInteractive connection of customers and partners in the value creation processSTOCKMEIER uses co-creation in a variety of ways - for example, customers were actively involved in the value creation process during a design sprint. We regularly offer formats in which the innovation process is opened up and customers and partners are involved.
Innovation process7 phases are run through: Target definition, idea generation, concept phase, prototyping, test phase, market launch and adaptationWe at STOCKMEIER see the innovation process as an orientation. Of course, a clasp to it does not inevitably lead to an innovation. Trial and error principle: We try out many things. Not everything can lead to success.
Innovation managementIntroducing a new or improved product/service or process into business practices and managing existing innovations.The introduction of innovations should not take place after a fixed process from idea generation to implementation. The development of innovation depends largely on the freedom of our employees and colleagues, on an established culture of error and on opening up the entire innovation process to other stakeholders.

Our partners

We are counting on good cooperation

Through cooperation with external partners from various fields, we drive our development forward. New ideas, processes and innovations are developed together.  In this way, we constantly expand our knowledge, which we then use for the benefit of our customers.  Together we live Open Innovation.

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Open Innovation



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