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Open Innovation @ STOCKMEIER

We are alchemists

Innovation and Change at STOCKMEIER

From 1920 into the future.

100 years of successful business models in chemical distribution cannot be transferred to the digital world overnight. The world of chemistry is changing fast and we are well prepared for the upcoming challenges: Our new Business Innovation & Digitization team channels our activities around digitization.

The innovation potential of the industry is enormous: in order to shape tomorrow's world of chemistry, we closely cooperate with various partners including start-ups, consulting companies, and of course our customers and suppliers.

Sharpening ideas together

For a better perspective

Introduce yourself, your idea, your mission.

We would be pleased to further develop your product or solution together with you.

STOCKMEIER has a broad focus

We invite all of you to collaborate:

  • Cooperation in the development of new business models in the world of chemistry
  • Acquisition of shares and start-up assistance for young companies
  • Solutions to simplify our processes
  • Your founding spirit
  • Last but not least interesting new products in industrial or specialty chemicals

Exploring opportunities as a team

We are offering:

  • Feedback on your products and services, i.e. check Product-Market-Fit, etc.
  • Contacts to potential business partners, customers or suppliers
  • Access into our very extensive distribution network – a gateway for your product
  • Access to STOCKMEIERs knowledge
  • Start-up support
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Open Innovation



Julius Weddigen von Knapp
Innovation Finder


Josephine Hartung
Market Expert