STOCKMEIER Holding GmbH, Bielefeld
Am Stadtholz 37
33609 Bielefeld

+49 521 / 3037-0
+49 521 / 3037-159

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We stand for strong connections in

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A family business with 100 years of experience

The STOCKMEIER Group comprises companies that are engaged in the production and distribution of chemicals and services. In all, over 26,000 products are manufactured and sold to more than 30,000 customers worldwide.

As the STOCKMEIER Group grew, the number of locations increased dramatically. With more than 50 production and distribution locations in 14 countries today, we are very near to most of our partners.

The STOCKMEIER Group is a family-owned company in the third generation. For 100 years we have been thrilled by the idea of strengthening this company on a sustainable basis in order to ensure success for it in the long run. Only if we are successful for a long term, we can act as independent family business also in future.

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