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Flexographic Printing Inks

High-quality products for the tissue industry

  • Flexographic Printing Inks

Flexographic printing inks

We colour your daily life!

With our aqueous flexographic inks, as ready-for-use inks or ink concentrates, the tissue industry manufactures colourful

  • kitchen rolls
  • toilet paper
  • paper towels
  • nonwoven personal care products.

Our various products are shown in the following table.


Overview of the KAPPAFLEX-Series

KAPPAFLEX 20-0000 Ready for use inks and ink concentrates for process and conventional flexographic printing on kitchen rolls, toilet paper and paper towels.
KAPPAFLEX 30-0000 Ready for use flexographic printing colours for the print on artificial parchment paper for applications in the segment of baking sheets.
KAPPAFLEX 50-0000 Ready for use ink concentrates for process and conventional flexographic printing on tissue and nonwoven napkins.
KAPPAFLEX 60-0000 Ink concentrates for colouring lamination glues.
KAPPAFLEX 80-0000 Ready for use flexographic inks for the print on cardboard applications.
KAPPAFLEX 90-0000 Ready for use inks for flexographic print on nonwovens, based on safe raw materials, specifically developed for the segment of hygienic/ personal care products.

Main properties of KAPPAFLEX 90-0000

Our flexographic printing inks for nonwovens are based on safe raw materials and developed to meet all demands in the area of hygiene applications.

  • Dermatologically tested
  • Made from selected raw materials derived by the European Cosmetic Directive
  • Choice of different shades available using Pantone as colour system
  • Reliable 24/7 stability on printing units
  • Good adhesion to nonwoven substrats
  • Production in a separate area with superior hygienic standards

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