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100 years STOCKMEIER Group

Great chemistry since 1920

In 100 years STOCKMEIER has grown from a regional distributor to a group of companies with >50 locations in Germany, Europe and the world. When August Stockmeier founded a company in 1920 in Bielefeld for the distribution of chemical-technical articles, nobody could have foreseen this development.

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Flexographic Printing Inks

High-quality products for the tissue industry

  • Flexographic Printing Inks

Flexographic printing inks

We colour your daily life!

With our aqueous flexographic inks, as ready-for-use inks or ink concentrates, the tissue industry manufactures colourful

  • kitchen rolls
  • toilet paper
  • paper towels
  • nonwoven personal care products.

Our various products are shown in the following table.


Overview of the KAPPAFLEX-Series

KAPPAFLEX 20-0000 Ready for use inks and ink concentrates for process and conventional flexographic printing on kitchen rolls, toilet paper and paper towels.
KAPPAFLEX 30-0000 Ready for use flexographic printing colours for the print on artificial parchment paper for applications in the segment of baking sheets.
KAPPAFLEX 50-0000 Ready for use ink concentrates for process and conventional flexographic printing on tissue and nonwoven napkins.
KAPPAFLEX 60-0000 Ink concentrates for colouring lamination glues.
KAPPAFLEX 80-0000 Ready for use flexographic inks for the print on cardboard applications.
KAPPAFLEX 90-0000 Ready for use inks for flexographic print on nonwovens, based on safe raw materials, specifically developed for the segment of hygienic/ personal care products.

Main propperties of KAPPAFLEX 20-0000

Aqueous flexographic printing inks for kitchen rolls and toilet paper in high quality and large colour pallet

We produce flexographic printing inks and colour concentrates for printing on kitchen rolls, toilet paper and paper towels. As the European market leader for tissue printing on large rolls, we are committed to the high quality demands of our customers.

  • high colour quality
  • very large colour pallet
  • top value for money
  • run friendly
  • easy to clean
  • physiologically harmless

Main propperties of KAPPAFLEX 60-0000

Ink concentrates for colouring of laminating glues

Color concentrates for colouring tissue lamination glues, available in high quality at a wide colour pallet. Application at toilet paper and other tissue products.

  • stable against bleeding
  • compatible in all layer glues
  • strong colour and economic in use
  • wide colour pallet
  • running properties of the glue remains unchanged by colour pigments

Main properties of KAPPAFLEX 90-0000

Our flexographic printing inks for nonwovens are based on safe raw materials and developed to meet all demands in the area of hygiene applications.

  • Dermatologically tested
  • Made from selected raw materials derived by the European Cosmetic Directive
  • Choice of different shades available using Pantone as colour system
  • Reliable 24/7 stability on printing units
  • Good adhesion to nonwoven substrats
  • Production in a separate area with superior hygienic standards

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Sales Coordinator Tissue

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Lukas Müller
Sales Coordinator Tissue

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Technical Sales Tissue

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Technical Sales Tissue

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