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100 years STOCKMEIER Group

Great chemistry since 1920

In 100 years STOCKMEIER has grown from a regional distributor to a group of companies with >50 locations in Germany, Europe and the world. When August Stockmeier founded a company in 1920 in Bielefeld for the distribution of chemical-technical articles, nobody could have foreseen this development.

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Process Chemicals for the Textile Industry

Optimising your production process

Process chemicals for the textile industry

For pre-treatment, dyeing and printing of textiles, KAPP-CHEMIE pools its many years of experience to offer a wide range of efficient, environmentally friendly products with high quality standards which support and optimise the processes of our customers.

These auxiliary chemicals include our detergents, wetting agents, sequestering agents as well as stabilisers and fastness enhancers. Of course, our service also comprises tailored specifications due to our customer's demands.


Wetting, washing and dispersing agents

KAPPAWET AKAAnionic, low-foaming; preferably for strongly alkaline, continuous pre-treatment processes; easy to rinse
KAPPAWET BOSLow-foaming, with very powerful emulsifying properties; resistant up to approx. 150 ml/l NaOH 38°Bé
KAPPAWET ELASTIC GAEmulsifying agent to remove resistant deposits, such as silicones, paraffin waxes and mineral oils etc.; especially suitable for articles containing elastane; application in continuous and discontinuous processes
KAPPAWET FCW Highly effective wetting agent for hydrophobic and oleophobic finishing with fluorocarbon and for the re-impregnation of already coated materials
KAPPAWET LFE Silicone-free, very low-foaming wetting and emulsifying agent as well as detergent for natural and synthetic types of fibres; especially suitable for jet treatment of articles with stubborn deposits, such as fats, oils, waxes, paraffins and silicones
KAPPAWET MRC Foam-free mercerising agent; free of phenol and cresol; resistant up to 34 °Bé NaOH
KAPPAWET SNVersatile, highly effective wetting agent; good effects in the entire pH and temperature range
KAPPWET SPEDVersatile wetting agent for discontinuous pretreatment and dyeing processes; free of silicone defoamers; produces very good hydrophilic properties of the fabric
KAPPAWET T 37Very good, low-foaming wetting agent and detergent; resistant up to approx. 100ml/l NaOH 38 °Bé; does not leave any residues on the fabric; especially suitable for discontinuous bleaching processes
KAPPAWET TGALow-foaming wetting agent and detergent with a very good emulsifying effect; very cost-effective
KAPPAWET TOP Low-foaming wetting agent and detergent for pretreatment and bleaching
KAPPASPERSE BE 16To increase contrast in denim treatment; decreases the re-soiling of cotton wefts and pocket lining

Complexing and dispersing agents

KAPPAQUEST A 41Excellent dispersing properties and complexing of metal ions; no de-metallisation of metal complex dyes
KAPPAQUEST FEBiodegradable complexing agent, especially for iron and copper ions
KAPPAQUEST K 83Versatile sequestering and dispersing agent; no demetalisation of metal complex dyestuffs
KAPPAQUEST P 73Complexing agent with dispersing properties, silicate-free peroxide stabiliser
KAPPAQUEST S 12 Special product for single-bath, acid pretreatment (demineralisation) and subsequent alkaline peroxide bleaching of cotton
KAPPASPERSE BPEHighly concentrated, low foaming wetting and dispersing agent and detergent for contrast enhancement in denim treatment; improves the rub fastness; reduces back-staining, especially of problematic articles made of polyester/ cotton during desizing and stonewash
KAPPASPERSE LB 18 NEWWetting and dispersing agent and detergent for contrast enhancement in denim treatment; reduces back-staining of denim clothing by unfixed indigo
KAPPASPERSE OS 17Wetting and dispersing agent and detergent for contrast enhancement in denim treatment; reduces back-staining of cotton weft and pocket linings of denim clothing by unfixed indigo
KAPPAFOS D11Activated and therefore highly effective powder product with dispersing, complexing, soil carrying and detergency-increasing properties


KAPPAZON H 53Peroxide stabiliser, silicate-free; binds heavy metal ions
KAPPAZON K 55Peroxide stabiliser; contains silicate but does not form deposits; suitable for all pad-batch processes (cold pad-batch; various pad-steam processes); as effective as sodium silicate
KAPPASALT PK 3Powdered buffer and stabiliser with anticorrosive effect for bleaching with sodium chlorite

Reducing agents

KAPPATEX R 98Powder, stable; used to clean polyester, for cleaning and stripping processes and for reductive bleaching and sulfur dyes
KAPPATEX RNS Liquid reducing agent for after-washing of polyester in acid dye liquors; improves all relevant fastness by removing the unfixed disperse dyestuff

Defoaming and Deaerating agents

KAPPASOL AF 2000Silicon-free, shear-resistant; suitable for jet-dyeing machines
KAPPASOL DF 68Shear-resistant, self emulsifying silicon
KAPPASOL NOADeaerator with defoaming effect, suitable for yarn, tree and jet dyeing machines

Dyeing and printing auxiliaries

KAPPAVON 209 Levelling and anti-frosting agent for continuous dyeing and printing of polyamide carpets and carpet yarns
KAPPAVON 230Levelling and dispersing agent for the dyeing of wool and polyamide with acidic and metal complex dyes
KAPPAVON CLLow-foaming, jet-stable crease-preventing agent for all types of fibres
KAPPAVON FBLevelling for dyeing polyester
KAPPAVON FCNSpecial after-washing agent for dyed, polyester; also suitable for removal of oligomers; can also be used as special cleaning agent for dyeing devices and dyeing applications
KAPPAVON LD 360Resistant to high temperatures; dispersing; for the dyeing of cotton, wool, polyester and polyamide
KAPPAVON TP Levelling and dispersing agent for dyeing of wool and polyamide with acid and metal complex dyestuffs


KAPPAZYM APLiquid catalase; destruction of remaining peroxide from bleaching process
KAPPAZYM MTLiquid amylase; desizes at medium temperature range
KAPPAZYM NT 120 Liquid amylase; desizes at temperature range 20 - 60 °C; especially suitable for cold pad-batch processes

Agents to improve the fastness

KAPPAFIX FF 45For improving the wet and rub fastness of goods dyed with indigo or sulfur and for precationisation of pigment dyeings; liquid, strongly cationic
KAPPAFIX GGImproves the wet fastness of dyes and prints with direct and reactive dyes; formaldehyde-free
KAPPASOAP NSPPowder; for the after-soaping of reactive dyes or prints

Buffer systems

KAPPACID AD Acid donor and levelling agent for dyeing of polyamide; causes a gradual decrease of the pH-value as a function of temperature during the dyeing process and results in a consistent absorption of the acid dyestuffs
KAPPACID BSPBiodegradable buffer solution to adjust the pH-value in treatment liquors from 4 - 7; especially suitable for biofinishing with acid cellulases and softener baths

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