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Sustainability and the environment

In good shape for future generations

It’s not common to find a family owned and run businesses in its fourth generation. We are one such business – and proud of it.

Only those who actively confront change and put sustainability at the top of the agenda can achieve such a long tradition. For us, this means thinking long term and reaching agreements that focus on the future. In the end, we want to continue adding new chapters to our company’s history and to leave a successful company behind for future generations of owners and employees.

Sustainability in daily business

Take a look around: we are surrounded by chemicals, day after day and step by step. And yet the more chemicals are used to ensure our lives are healthy, happy and comfortable, the more important it becomes to handle the individual substances with a sense of responsibly.

As a wholesaler, we assume our part of this responsibility by delivering only the best quality to our customers. Our high quality standards and the preventive measures we implement each day reduce the chance of errors and incidents to a minimum.

But we are also conscious of our responsibilities that extend beyond delivery. As certified waste management specialists, we ensure proper disposal or recycling of used chemicals.

Small things that have a big impact

Busy workers: StauBEE and SilBEE

As a company, we can contribute to a healthy environment even in small ways. In April 2019, three bee colonies – named the StauBEEs and the SilBEEs – made their home on our plant premises in Gablingen.

Depending on the weather, the hard-working insects collect nectar from spring to autumn, all the while performing a remarkable feat: whizzing around our location at about 20 km/h to collect nectar from up to 1,000 blossoms every day. Inside the beehive, they transform the nectar into honey through multiple steps – natural chemistry at its finest, you might say.

The bees are our way of helping the environment. But this project not only benefits nature – social and charitable organizations at our three locations also profit from it. Proceeds from the sale of the honey is doubled at the end of the season by STAUB & CO. – SILBERMANN and donated to alternating organizations.