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The bee project at STAUB & CO. – SILBERMANN

Our bees are starting their second season now and feel right at home in our sunny meadow.

Bees fly around the hive

It was back in spring 2019 that three queen bees and their colonies found their new home on the grounds of STAUB & CO. – SILBERMANN in Gablingen. The beehives were painted by the local kindergarten children and the day the bees officially moved in was celebrated together. There is even a bee display case that provides the opportunity to observe the busy bees up close at work. Not far away from the beehives, a flower meadow has been specially created for the bees to diligently collect their nectar.

Our bees have now settled in on the newly designed green areas and are starting their second season on our factory premises in Gablingen.

In cooperation with the beekeeping association Gablingen, we were able to harvest a total of 50 kg of honey in the first year.
Proceeds from the sale of the honey is doubled at the end of the season by STAUB & CO. – SILBERMANN and donated to alternating organizations. Most recently, we donated €1,100 to the charitable institution Klabautermann e.V. in Nuremberg.

By choosing to participate in this project, the company is keen to demonstrate its conscious and long-term contribution to sustainability. Protecting and conserving our environment is very important to us.

Information about the company:

Today, STAUB & CO. – SILBERMANN is one of the leading chemical sales companies in Germany. Approximately 200 people are employed at their locations in Nuremberg, Gablingen and Munich. They supply their customers with more than 26,000 different chemicals. Their product range comprises industrial chemicals and a large and growing selection of specialized chemicals. In addition to chemical distribution, the company also offers its customers a diverse range of services, chief among them being toll manufacturing. The Gablingen site produces all types of chemical preparations – aqueous, solvent-containing or powdered – to order for its customers. Additionally, STAUB & CO. – SILBERMANN provides support for customers in the areas of analysis, documentation and disposal. As part of the STOCKMEIER Group, the company has access to the resources of the group’s over 20 German locations and a total of more than 40 locations around the world.

Bee on flower
Bees fly to the showcase
Beehive painted by the children
Bee on yellow flower