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STOCKMEIER windscreen antifreeze ranks in the top 3 in the test!

The AUTO BILD trade magazine tests ten winter windscreen cleaners every year. Stockmeier's own-brand product Stobi Freeze is among the top three products this winter.

windscreen antifreeze stobi freeze

Wintertime means that slush, road salt and road dirt block the view when driving. Only a good windscreen cleaner can help here. To prevent it from freezing, a winter product with frost protection should be used at this time of year.

The selection of products is large, the price ranges are very different. This is why AUTO BILD, together with “Gesellschaft für technische Überwachung” (GTÜ), puts ten products through their paces every year. Important criteria are freeze protection, application, effect and material compatibility.

The Stockmeier own-brand product Stobi Freeze was fully convincing in the current test. Third place was close behind Sonax's premium product, which won the test. The Stobi Freeze was particularly distinguished by reliable antifreeze protection (specified -20°C, tested -20.5°C), optimum material compatibility and a fair Peris performance ratio.

The result of the test on the Stockmeier product: "Particularly recommendable"!