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New in our product portfolio: KRUSE Automotive now also offers windscreen cleaners!

From now on, customers can also purchase windscreen cleaners from KRUSE Automotive. Previously, the company was primarily known in the automotive and mineral oil industries for its nationwide distribution of AdBlue®. Here KRUSE Automotive is one of the largest distributors in Germany. The portfolio is now being expanded to include another exciting product area. In this area, the company draws on the 100 years of experience of the STOCKMEIER Group, to which KRUSE Automotive belongs since 2013.

Stobi Freeze Screenwash 5L

The new range includes DEKRA-tested windscreen antifreeze concentrate and ready-to-use products for winter, as well as windscreen cleaner summer products. The Screenwash products are manufactured in Germany (Bielefeld) and are regularly among the top products in tests conducted by well-known automotive magazines (most recently 3rd place in the AUTO Bild Test 2018). An in-house laboratory develops our own recipes and is the cornerstone of our standard. The high quality of the products ensures a very good cleaning performance with only a few wiping cycles. This protects consumption and the environment.

Among the ready-to-use products, the windscreen frost protection down to -18 °C is a special feature. This product is not a hazardous good and therefore does not fall under the ADR regulation. Compared to the usual products on the market with an antifreeze protection of -20 °C, it is therefore significantly more economical for the customer in handling, storage and transportation. In addition, the non-existent labelling has a positive effect on the end consumer.

KRUSE Automotive manufactures the products both as its own brand and as private label products. The standard package sizes vary from 0.5 litre bottles to 1000 litre containers. Delivery by tank truck is also possible. One of the particular strengths in the private label sector is the implementation of individual customer requirements.

If you have any questions, please contact our sales team!