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Vote for the STOCKMEIER Urethanes Stobitan® Sports Surfaces!

Stobitan® Sports Surfaces was selected among the top 10 for the 2019 HOW Logo Design Award competition. The readers vote on the best design until 31.01.

Logo Stobitan Sports Surfaces

In order to strengthen the Stobian® brand for worldwide distribution, the STOCKMEIER Urethanes team decided to create its own product logo in 2016. Stobitan® running tracks and artificial turfs have been installed worldwide since 1991, and are available in a variety of systems. Stobitan ® running track and artificial turf systems offer secure running grip, optimum fall protection and elasticity that promotes high performance. All of the systems offered within the Stobitan ® line are a combination of the highly trusted Stobielast® S product line.

The concept of the logo is a combination of a letter mark and pictorial mark. The negative space resembles track lanes and lines on an athletic field. Additionally, the grid is to mimic the bottom of a shoe. The repeated shapes communicate reliability and trust. The geometric construction conveys both organization and efficiency.

The graphics agency Stewart Design was chosen as the partner for the implementation. The project was led by Amanda Hanline, supported by Dave Painter and Melissa Martinkat. The good work is now rewarded with the nomination.

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Please vote until 31.01. for the Stobitan® logo. The logo can be found under #10.

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