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STOCKMEIER invests in search engine chembid

The chemical company STOCKMEIER, based in Bielefeld, Germany, announces its investment in the technology start-up chembid. The young company was spun off from the BÜFA Group and has been running a metasearch engine for chemicals since 2017.

Laptop with chembid website

Using modern digital technologies, the company collects, processes and bundles information about providers and offers from web shops and marketplaces, making them easily accessible to their clients. Currently, there are about two million product offers by around 100,000 suppliers from over 160 countries available at

The STOCKMEIER Group’s investment is the first strategic partnership chembid has entered into. The family-run group operates internationally at more than 40 locations and can utilize its nearly one hundred years of experience in distribution, production and services in the chemical sector. For STOCKMEIER, chembid is a possibility to promote a pioneering technology. “In the world of chemistry, information and data will play an important role going forward. In chembid, we see a news aggregator for products and their accessibility on the Internet, and thus engage in a business model of the future,”  states executive partner Peter Stockmeier. The STOCKMEIER Group is the second shareholder of the technology start-up spun off from the BÜFA Group two years ago. “Digitization changes the whole chemical sector and as a result the client relationships – the way customers and suppliers get in touch with each other as well as the information sought by clients – are changing, too. With the spin-off of chembid we didn’t just react to this development but wanted to actively shape it. Alongside STOCKMEIER we offer more partners the possibility to take part in chembid’s successful business concept and drive digital transformation forward”, explainsFelix Thalmann, CEO of BÜFA Holding.

chembid wants to use STOCKMEIER’s investment to further develop their metasearch engine, to complement more data-based services and promote global marketing.