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STOCKMEIER Chemie and KRUSE Automotive present products at TANKSTELLE & MITTELSTAND - The petrol station trade fair in Munster

KRUSE Automotive and the Automotive Team of STOCKMEIER Chemie were represented at the TANKSTELLE & MITTELSTAND in Münster from 08.-09.05.2019. At this fair machines and products as well as equipment around washing plants and filling stations will be presented.

STOCKMEIER Chemie presented its new and innovative Blob products - water-repellent polymer coatings for automotive surfaces. The product can be applied to the automotive after waxing and thus provides better protection against dirt and other environmental influences, a good view through better beading of rain and cares for the paint. More information about Blob products can be found in the download below.

KRUSE Automotive was represented with its AdBlue products and presented a new container alternative for canisters: The stand-up pouch.

An exciting and successful automotive weekend in Munster!