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STOBITAN® Logo wins HOW Reader's Choice Award for Logo Design

The STOBITAN® logo of STOCKMEIER Urethanes was chosen for the audience award of the 10th HOW Design Award. The voting ended on 31.01.2019 and now the winners were announced.

Logo Stobitan Sports Surfaces

The STOBITAN® logo has won the reader’s choice award! This is a great award for the excellent work of Amanda Hanline and her team.

„We had some tough competition and we are proud and humbled to have won this award. This achievement would not have been possible without the hard work of the design team here and at Stewart Design and each and every one of you that casted a vote“, says Amanda Hanline, Marketing and Purchasing Coordinator at STOCKMEIER Urethanes USA.

We congratulate to this success! You can read the whole article about the success here: