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STAUB & CO. – SILBERMANN deploys award-winning tankers

For over a year now, STAUB & CO. – SILBERMANN GmbH has been using innovative new tanks developed by Omni Willig Carbon GmbH. These ultra-lightweight, highly stable CFRP tanks have now been presented with the 2018 Gefahr/gut Innovation Award. This is the third award for this innovative product, after the 2016 expo PetroTrans Innovation Award and the 2017 JEC Innovation Award.

STAUB & CO. - SILBERMANN's Managing directors Andreas Frank, Peter Stockmeier and Thomas Seiler in front of a truck and trailer with new CFRP tanks.

Currently, STAUB & CO. – SILBERMANN uses one tanker with three CFRP tanks and a trailer with two CFRP tanks. There were multiple factors behind STAUB & CO. – SILBERMANN’s decision to use these tanks, including much greater safety on the roads, greater cost-effectiveness, and improved occupational health and safety.

The tanks have excellent chemical resistance and are approved for transporting class 8 products in accordance with ADR. They can be used for a wide range of substances, and they are extremely safe and very durable; these properties are the result of a patented production process that bonds polyethylene (PE) and carbon fiber-reinforced polymer (CFRP) to create a highly stable material that is still lightweight. The tanks even passed the type test mandated by ADR Section 6.9 with flying colors.

The unique combination of materials is extremely light, which allowed the tank capacity to be increased by approximately one third. The tanks were also designed with an eye to occupational health and safety: The domed covers are accessible from the side, significantly reducing the risk that the driver will fall.

Further information about the 2018 Gefahr/gut Innovation Award, as well as a video with interesting information about the new CFRP tanks, is available at the link below (German only).

Information about the company:
Today, STAUB & CO. – SILBERMANN is one of the leading chemical sales companies in Germany. Approximately 200 people are employed at their locations in Nuremberg, Gablingen and Munich. They supply their customers with more than 26,000 different chemicals. Their product range comprises industrial chemicals and a large and growing selection of specialized chemicals. In addition to chemical distribution, the company also offers its customers a diverse range of services, chief among them being toll manufacturing. The Gablingen site produces all types of chemical preparations – aqueous, solvent-containing or powdered – to order for its customers. Additionally, STAUB & CO. – SILBERMANN provides support for customers in the areas of analysis, documentation and disposal. As part of the STOCKMEIER Group, the company has access to the resources of the group’s 24 German locations and a total of more than 40 locations around the world.