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Product Innovation: Chemo-Biological Agents for the Oil & Gas Industry

STOCKMEIER Group is expanding into the oil & gas business with a product family of chemo-biological agents.

The product family BDH, developed in close collaboration with technology partner BDH Technologies Group (, is now commercially available. These new products and their respective applications distinguish themselves through fast reaction speed, efficient process technology, high environmental friendliness and resulting low investment and operating costs.

The product BDH Blue removes today’s production and quality problems in petroleum: from reservoirs and production facilities (“Upstream”) to processing plants (“Downstream”).

BDH Blue replaces the current chemicals supporting production such as H2S Scavengers, Biocides, Corrosion Inhibitors, Demulsifiers, Pour Point Depressants and Viscosity Depressants based on its unique chemo-biological functional mechanism. It eliminates the root cause of the symptoms treated with the abovementioned chemicals: Sulfate Reducing Bacteria, or SRB. Since SRB generate H2S in their metabolism, their eradication means that new generation of H2S ceases. BDH Blue splits existing H2S into its elemental components; the hydrogen and carbon supplied by the substrates in BDH Blue form new liquid hydrocarbons. Most of the sulfur forms water soluble sulfates. BDH Blue improves key quality parameters such as API gravity and viscosity significantly.

BDH Yellow is optimized for the maintenance (“Batching”) of the achieved results in petroleum with continuing production.

Typical quality-improving applications of BDH Blue downstream are the reduction of sulfur content in crude oil and residual fuel oil (RFO) as well as the fast removal of sludge from tankers and production/storage tanks. Key quality parameters such as API gravity and viscosity are significantly improved here as well. Remaining contaminations in the product after BDH Blue treatment can be reduced as required through repeated liquid extraction (“Washing”).

BDH Red is tailored for the elimination of H2S in natural gas upstream. It is injected directly into the natural gas stream. BDH Red splits H2S into its elemental components; the hydrogen and carbon supplied by the substrates in BDH Red form new gaseous hydrocarbons. Most sulfur is present in elemental form and is being extracted in standard separators.