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Matthias Mirbach appointed to the Management Board of STOCKMEIER Holding

Bielefeld - Mr. Matthias Mirbach takes up his position as Managing Director of STOCKMEIER Holding GmbH with immediate effect and thus changes within the STOCKMEIER Group. He succeeds Uwe Puppel as head of chemical distribution, who is leaving the company for Hamburg for personal reasons.

Matthias Mirbach

Matthias Mirbach has been the Managing Director of the STOCKMEIER Group since 2013. So far he has successfully managed the daughter companies RCN Chemie and KRUSE Automotive. With his move to STOCKMEIER Holding he will be responsible for the chemical distribution division as Managing Director with immediate effect. Together with him, the international growth will be driven forward.

"We are delighted that Mr. Mirbach has taken over this important position as Managing Director of Stockmeier Holding and that we have been able to win a direct successor for this significant post", says Peter Stockmeier, Managing Partner of the STOCKMEIER Group.