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KRUSE AUTOMOTIVE introduces "Digital Signing"!

In the digital age, order processing and invoicing naturally take place electronically in many areas. However, paper is often used for delivery. Shipping documents are printed and signed on paper at the customer's premises. At KRUSE Automotive this scenario is now a thing of the past!

Tablet for Digital Signing

KRUSE Automotive, a specialist for the distribution of AdBlue®, had equipped all tank trucks with tablets. By using these mobile computers and an interface to the KOMALOG® logistics software and the SAP system, the introduction of digital signing (= digital signature procedure) is possible. All relevant delivery documents can now be displayed digitally on the tablet during the tour. The customer has on-site access to the relevant documents and confirms the receipt of goods with his digital signature.

With the electronic signature, mountains of paper can be reduced and the processing time shortened. The customer receives the documents immediately after signing by e-mail. The subsequent digitalisation of the documents is therefore no longer necessary. This accelerates the process for all contracting parties.

In the past, KRUSE Automotive's logistics were already very efficiently set up thanks to its own fleet of vehicles, sophisticated route planning and multi-drop deliveries. With the introduction of the digital signature process, KRUSE Automotive is now able to further increase this efficiency.