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Commissioning the new filling plant for ammonia gas at STAUB & CO. – SILBERMANN GmbH in Gablingen

Since the beginning of 2020, STAUB & CO. – SILBERMANN in Gablingen has a brand new, ultra-modern and fully digitalised ammonia plant.

Ammonia barrels are ready

Putting the new filling plant for ammonia gas into operation marks the completion of yet another phase in the expansion of the Gablingen site. As part of the process of constructing a new 412 m² production facility, the existing track systems at the site were extended in a phase that ran until this spring. In addition, a total of 350 meters of piping were installed along with various pieces of technical equipment.

Once the test runs were complete, the new plant was put into full operation in spring 2020. At the heart of the plant is a 116 m³ storage tank comprising a total of 5 filling stations. These filling stations are designed to fill containers ranging from 5 kg to 500 kg.
The Gablingen has a permit to store a maximum of 99 tons of ammonia gas.

The new filling plant in Gablingen replaces our existing plant at the Nuremberg site and allows us to expand the capacities we were previously able to offer significantly.

Ammonia gas is primarily used in hardening plants and as a coolant in applications including artificial ice stadiums and the food industry.

Information about the company:

Today, STAUB & CO. – SILBERMANN is one of the leading chemical sales companies in Germany. Approximately 200 people are employed at their locations in Nuremberg, Gablingen and Munich. They supply their customers with more than 26,000 different chemicals. Their product range comprises industrial chemicals and a large and growing selection of specialized chemicals. In addition to chemical distribution, the company also offers its customers a diverse range of services, chief among them being toll manufacturing. The Gablingen site produces all types of chemical preparations – aqueous, solvent-containing or powdered – to order for its customers. Additionally, STAUB & CO. – SILBERMANN provides support for customers in the areas of analysis, documentation and disposal. As part of the STOCKMEIER Group, the company has access to the resources of the group’s over 20 German locations and a total of more than 40 locations around the world.

Ammonia storage tank for 116 m³
Ammonia barrels are available at the filling station
Ammonia barrels are available at the filling station