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Efficient cleaning of screws before zinc flake coating

The cleaning of screws before zinc flake coating is a complex subject. An article in the current issue of JOT (Journal für Oberflächentechnik) also deals with this challenge.

JOT Extra

The use of a conventional highly alkaline cleaning medium achieves a stable result, but there are various disadvantages in the process. Poor demulsifying behaviour, long waiting times and high temperatures during the cleaning process are just some of the aspects that lead to reduced productivity and high costs.

With the neutral cleaner Dansocelan N 7076 LT and the additive Leratens 904, STOCKMEIER Chemie has two products on the market that counteract the problems described and thus significantly reduce costs. Based on a practical example, the advantages of the neutral two-component system are examined in detail in the article.

Below you will find the complete article for download.

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