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"Biogas Infotage" – A complete success for STAUB & CO. – SILBERMANN

In this year STAUB & CO. - SILBERMANN exhibited at the “Biogas Infotage” in Ulm for the first time. The trade fair took place on 10th and 11th of January 2018 at the exhibition grounds in Ulm.

Booth of STAUB & CO. - SILBERMANN at the "Biogas Infotage"

143 exhibitors presented their products and services regarding biogas plants on more than 1,700 m³ to the 1000 visitors. The participation was a great success for STAUB & CO. – SILBERMANN: they could develop and intensify their customer and supplier contacts in the sector of biogas plants, generate new orders and make new contacts.

“Biogas Infotage” is one of the largest biogas trade shows in southern Germany. It is an ideal platform for producers, operators and interested persons from the biogas industry to presented their products and developments and for exchange. The trade fair is held since 2005 and the exhibition space is growing every year. With its corresponding specialist lectures, the event gives the visitors a comprehensive picture of the state-of-the-art and the legal frameworks of the biogas industry.  Thematically, the event covered a broad range of issues: crop production, plant engineering, economic and ecological questions, biochemistry, biology and the latest developments and research results.