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AIR1® OptiSpray™

KRUSE Automotive now offers the well-known AIR1® OptiSpray™ in 210 liter drum and in 1,000 liter IBC.

AIR1® OptiSpray™
AIR1® OptiSpray™ in the 210-liter drum. Image similar.

This has been developed especially for vehicle fleets with low mileage or engine power and is effective in all vehicles with SCR technology.

Air1® OptiSpray™ is based on a 32.5% urea solution and is provided with an additive. Like AdBlue®, it meets the requirements of ISO 22241 (except for the added additives) and can therefore be used for NOx reduction in all SCR vehicles in the same way as AdBlue®.

The main use of vehicles for short distances, characterized by low speeds, frequent idling and constant stop-and-go phases, is a particular problem factor here and increases the risk of harmful deposits.

This is due to the low engine and exhaust gas temperatures, which cause the components not to decompose properly and deposits to form on the catalyst.

The result: higher fuel consumption, increased repair measures and unplanned downtimes of your vehicle.

By using AIR1® OptiSpray™ you can prevent this in the best possible way!

Our team will assist you with pleasure.

AIR1® OptiSpray™ im 1.000 Liter IBC
AIR1® OptiSpray™ in the 1,000 liter IBC. Image similar.