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100 years STOCKMEIER Group

Great chemistry since 1920

In 100 years STOCKMEIER has grown from a regional distributor to a group of companies with >50 locations in Germany, Europe and the world. When August Stockmeier founded a company in 1920 in Bielefeld for the distribution of chemical-technical articles, nobody could have foreseen this development.

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Special cleaning agents for the tanker, container and tank wagon industry

Effective special cleaning agents

Extend lead times + save costs

The development and production of special cleaning agents for the tanker, container and tank wagon industry is one of our greatest strengths. Our product portfolio includes acidic, neutral and basic cleaning agents, solvents and disinfectants. It also includes stainless steel pickling solutions, as well as preserving and passivating products.

A significant part of process control in industrial tank cleaning lies in ensuring adequate cleanliness of all vessel surfaces, measured by the respective follow-up process. This is heavily influenced by factors like low resource consumption, maximum reduction of lead times and reduction of labor costs.

Our products effectively and reliably remove glues, adhesive residues, additives, dispersions and plastics. Our cleaning agents can even tackle food and oils. We also offer products for aluminum silos, as well as steel and stainless steel. We have specially mixed cleaning agents for indoor and outdoor use.

Benefits to you

Put in a nutshell

  • Effective cleaning, shorter lead times
  • Application-specific technical advice
  • Established products
  • Specialist cleaning agents for all relevant fields and applications

Quality, application-specific technical advice

The quality of our concentrated cleaning products and services is trusted by leading representatives in mechanical engineering. Our products and services are the first choice of many different automotive manufacturers and suppliers as well. In the tanker, container and tank wagon industry alone, our products are used to effectively clean more than 1,000,000 units per year in Germany (all cleaning cycles including reconditioning). In addition to our attractive offers, customers also enjoy the benefits of our analytical and application-specific technical advice.

Product examples

Below you will find some examples of several product series from our comprehensive range. All products are designed for use in the usual applications of spraying processes.

Product series for freight forwarding/reconditioning businesses

Leraclen® acidic cleaning agent Preference given to AOX-free, HCl-free and hydrofluoric acid-free acidic cleaning agents. You can choose between phosphorous and phosporous-free cleaning agents, sulphuric acid and suplhuric acid-free cleaning agents and other acids in combination. Suitable for food applications.
Leraclen®, Lerapur® basic cleaning agent Leraclen® and Lerapur® are concentrated, basic liquid cleaning agents and powders (e.g. Leraclen® KIS). It is also possible to remove stubborn adhesive residues, resins, latex, dispersions and glues foam-free at high pressure up to 500 bar. These products are free from strong complexing agents like NTA or EDTA.
Lerasept® Lerades® Both product series are listed by BAuA, IHO and VAH.
Leraclen® Odor absorber Eliminates odors through preliminary dosing in tanks and wastewater systems.
Shiny Road Tanker

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Uwe Passberger
Department Manager Haulage/Reconditioning

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Sabrina Heers
Sales Coordinator

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