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Immersion Cleaning Agents

Immersion and ultrasonic cleaning agents for cleaning components

Immersion Cleaning Agents


Our product range includes acidic to highly basic immersion cleaning agents. Depending on customer preference, they provide a degreasing or additional pickling effect. Special additives in our cleaning agents make them even more suitable for universal use.

Benefits to you

  • Comprehensive product range from acidic to basic
  • Degreasing and additional pickling
  • Universal applications with special additives


Product Application/properties
Leraclen® ATR liquid, basic intensive cleaning agent, emulsifying, phosphate and sulphate-free, high degreasing performance
Leraclen® 1203 G liquid, universal cleaning agent, particularly effective on polishing pastes, excellent anti-corrosion protection
Leratens® 1006 liquid, cleaning intensifier for acidic and basic immersion and ultrasound baths, dispersant
Close-up of cleaned metal parts

Service & Support



Silke Puhl
Department Manager Component Cleaning

+49 173 / 7255021


Sabrina Heers
Sales Coordinator

+49 521 / 3037-325