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Additives & Demulsifiers

For optimum process control


Our large selection of additives, cleaning intensifiers and demulsifiers enables optimum process control. Our additives provide an extended bath life, have a powerful demulsifying and degreasing effect, and ensure an optimum cleaning result.

Our experienced technicians will select the most suitable product for you, taking into account the bath temperature and treatment modules, with a focus on optimising your individual process.


Product Application/properties
ADDITIV 7000 LT liquid, powerful demulsifier, degreasing, defoaming, foam-free from 38°C
ADDITIV 7200 TAS liquid, powerful demulsifier, degreasing, defoaming, foam-free from 38°C
Leratens® 785 liquid, powerful demulsifier, degreasing, resolves soap and oil, foam-free from 53°C
ADDITIV 6001 T liquid, degreasing, removes particulate impurities, foam-free from 52°C
ADDITIV 7800 T liquid, powerful degreaser, demulsifying, foam-free from 55°C
DEMULGAT 1077 liquid, powerful demulsifier, resolves oil and soap, foam-free from room temperature
DEMULGAT 5042 AS liquid, powerful demulsifier, defoaming, resolves oil and soap, achieves fluid and easily skimmable oil phases
Close-up of cleaned metal parts

Service & Support



Silke Puhl
Department Manager Component Cleaning

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Sabrina Heers
Sales Coordinator

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