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Non-ionic Surfactants

Powerful grease removers for your products

What do we offer?

Strong non-ionic surfactants for detergents, household cleaners and dish soap

Non-ionic surfactants are used as a grease remover in detergents, household cleaners and dish soap. They offer excellent solubility and produce a low amount of foam. When combined with anionic surfactants, non-ionic surfactants provide resistance to hard water in textile detergents.

We offer a wide range of high-quality non-ionic surfactant products:


  • Hydrogenated tallow amine ethoxylates
  • C9-C11-ethoxylates C10-ethoxylates Iso-C10-ethoxylates C10-C12-ethoxylates C11-ethoxylates C12-C14-ethoxylates Iso-C13-ethoxylates C12-C15-ethoxylates C16-C18-ethoxylates
  • C8-C18 alcohol, ethoxylated / propoxylated C9-C11 alcohol, ethoxylated / propoxylated C12-C14 alcohol, ethoxylated / propoxylated
  • Castor oil ethoxylated
  • Cocamide DEA Cocamide MEA Cocamide MIPA
  • C8-C10 Caprylyl/Decyl Glucoside C8-C16 Coco Glucoside
  • Methyl ester ethoxylates Fatty alcohols Esters

Service & Support



Tobias Hollmann
Vice Head of Sales Specialty Chemicals

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