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Water chemistry

Strong products for modern wastewater treatment

Preserving a vital resource

How our water chemistry products help

The treatment of municipal and industrial wastewater is a complex process. That’s why we offer a wide range of products for different treatment processes. We want to stand by your side as a strong partner, assisting with your treatment process from start to finish.

More than three quarters of the earth’s surface is covered by water. Of these 1.4 quadrillion liters, only 1 percent can be used as drinking water. This makes water one of the most important resources in the world. The pollution of water has immeasurable consequences, and wastewater treatment is becoming increasingly important as a result.

Wastewater treatment

From dirty water to clean water

One process, many challenges

Treatment processes are often highly complex. Every kind of wastewater has its own characteristics. Heavily fluctuating quantities and different concentrations of waste material and pollutants pose a variety of challenges during the process of converting wastewater to clean water.

In addition to many standard processes, we repeatedly encounter special requirements, particularly in the treatment of industrial wastewater. Treatment plants use different process chemicals, depending on the treatment stage. We offer a wide range of products for this purpose. Our product range includes the right chemicals for the mechanical, biological and adsorptive treatment stages. Our products can help you optimize your treatment process. We also offer a wide range of cleaning agents and basic chemicals.

What is wastewater?

Easily explained

The term wastewater is defined in §54 para. 1 of the German Water Resources Act. In simple terms, it is defined as water whose natural properties have been altered through household, commercial, agricultural or other use. Pollutants in wastewater can occur in dissolved or undissolved form, or even as organic compounds (fats, proteins, carbohydrates, etc.). The objective of wastewater treatment is to remove these various contaminants from the water and restore its natural quality.

Clear benefits

  • Many years of experience and expertise in wastewater treatment
  • Application-specific, on-site technical consultation
  • Fast development of customer-specific solutions to increase quality and economy
  • Comprehensive product range
  • Complete logistical availability
  • Independent distribution of chemicals with many product alternatives


Strong chemicals for your wastewater

  • Iron salts Sodium aluminate Aluminum salts Mixed products / blends
  • Water-based Synthetic /ester-based Oil-based Silicone-based
  • Carbamates Organosulfides Organic sulfide compounds Carbonates Reaction release agents Coagulants
  • Strength-based biopolymers Polydadmac Anionic polymers Non-ionic polymers Cationic polymers
  • Lignite, hard coal and coking coal Activated carbon powder Activated carbon granules Formed activated carbon pellets
  • Glycerin Acetic acid Ethanol Methanol Monoethylene glycol Mixtures
  • Industrial chemicals Cleaning agent / polymer binder Anti-coating agents Ion-exchange resin Adsorption agents Anti-odor agents Various mixing products available on request

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