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About AdBlue®

What is AdBlue®?

What ist AdBlue®?

32.5-percent urea solution

AdBlue® is a 32.5-percent aqueous reduction solution of the highest purity. The ISO 22241 standard ensures consistent quality. Catalytic converters can only be guaranteed by using AdBlue®.

Reduction agent in SCR Systems

AdBlue® is a non-toxic, transparent, synthetically produced solution that is used as a reduction agent in SCR systems (selective catalytic reduction) of diesel-powered vehicles. This reduces toxic NOx exhaust components into nitrogen, water and carbon dioxide.

Helps reducing nitrogen oxides

AdBlue® helps significantly reduce nitrogen oxides in the exhaust cleaning process. At KRUSE Automotive, we are constantly striving to optimize this effectiveness and sustainably improve the market for the future.


Also known under the name:

  • AUS 32
  • DEF
  • Urea solution ISO 2224

Universal product Name

AdBlue® is the universal product name created by representatives of the petroleum industry, the chemical industry, the automotive industry and their suppliers. It is supplied from an additional tank in the vehicle. The exact dosing quantity is calculated by the electronics and dispensed into the exhaust tract (truck approx. 1.5 liters/100 km, car approx. 0.15 liters/100 km).

No hazardous substance or dangerous good

AdBlue® is neither a hazardous substance nor a dangerous good. It is classified in the lowest water hazard class but has a corrosive effect on certain materials. The crystallization point is -11 °C.