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Rust Removal

Complete removal of residues from TEM and ECM machining

Surface Treatment/Decoating
  • Rust Removal

Rust removal

During thermal (TEM) or electrochemical machining (ECM), residues of rust/oxides are formed on components. We offer a wide product portfolio of neutral rust removal agents as well as basic rust removers.

Surfaces are returned to a completely blank state. This only requires a short contact time. It’s quick and easy to find the right product for your application. Simply ask us for advice.

Benefits to you

  • Comprehensive portfolio of neutral and basic rust removal agents
  • Surfaces are returned to a completely blank state
  • Short contact times
  • Simple product selection
Close-up of many cleaned components

Service & Support



Alexander Nix
Sales Manager Surface Technology

+49521 / 3037-419


Sabrina Heers
Sales Coordinator

+49 521 / 3037-325