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Solvent Recycling

Regenerated Solvents

Alcohols, ketones, glycols and more

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Regenerated solvents

High-quality products according to your specifications

We take over the contaminated solvents of our customers and produce high-quality products from them. This saves valuable resources.

The solvents are not destroyed after use (e.g. by combustion), but are reprocessed by us into high-quality products and added to the economic cycle again. These solvent regenerates are then marketed by us worldwide.

We offer both halogen-free and halogen-containing solvent regenerates. Below you will find an overview of the most common products.

Our portfolio of regenerated solvents

Halogen-free solvents

such as

  • aliphatic hydrocarbons
  • aromatics
  • alcohols
  • ketones
  • esters
  • glycols

Halogenated solvents

such as

  • perchloroethylene
  • methylene chloride

Further products + services

Solvent recycling services

In the course of contract processing, we also accept your contaminated solvents and distill them according to your individual specifications. In this way, you receive your own solvent with analysis certificate, specially adapted to your needs, back for further use in your processes.  

Fresh goods

As part of the STOCKMEIER Group, we can also provide you with fresh goods in the necessary quantities upon request. This service is unique and guarantees you will always have the best possible supply to suit your needs.

Solvent Recycling

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