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Liquid Products

Great expertise in aqueous and solvent-containing mixtures


We have large capacities for liquid mixtures, especially for flammable liquids like screen wash or grill lighter. We are also specialised in the fully automated filling of small containers. Our locations in Bielefeld and Gent have the main capacities for this segment.

Specialists for liquid mixtures

Aqueous and solvent-containing liquids, flammable products, pastes

Fully automated filling

of small bottles and containers

Private label production

Individual recipes, lables, packaging - tailored to your requirements!

Logistics professionals

Own truck fleet + road tankers

Production capacity

Up to 100,000 units of output per day


Fully automatic warehousing and web-EDI logistics interface (track & trace)

Research & Development

Highly professional research team with an international top reputation

Global network

Best in class in worldwide sourcing procurement and distribution

Range of services

Liquid mixtures and formulations, packaging

Formulation technology / Manufacturing processes Systems Typical capacities / batch size
Fluid mixtures, inorganic and organic Temperature-controlled mixing vessel and autoclaves 50 l - 28,000 l
Fluid mixtures, inorganic and organic Mixing vessel for explosive applications 50 l - 10,000 l
Liquid packaging    
Emulsification, homogenisation and dispersionStainless steel autoclaves and others with dissolver and Turrax stirring apparatus 8 - 10 m³
Custom filling, small and large containers Partially and fully automated filling system 0.5 l - 1,000 l
Paste mixtures    

Additional applications

Formulation technology / Manufacturing processes Systems Typical capacities / batch size
Special mixturesLead containers, mixing containers made of PVC and GRP, Dilution system  
Scale-up Laboratory - pilot plant - large plant - dilution system  
Tank storage Production storage tanks up to 33 m3
Laboratory/analytical services + product development    
Disposal operation    

In addition, we can always expand our plant capacity for your production order. In our personal technical consulting service, we work with you to develop the best possible solution for your project.

Service & Support



Philipp Heinrich
Division Manager Contract Manufacturing

+49 521 / 3037-0


Marco Hermann
General Manager

+49 6772 / 9311-360


Dr. Sakir Okucu
Head of Sales Specialty Chemicals & Production

+49 911 / 5482-1228