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Solvents & Plasticisers

The right solution for any requirement

Complete product range from A to Z

A significant part of our supply program consists of various solvents. In addition to precisely targeted standard products, we also offer products with special properties.

We produce mixtures that are precisely tailored to individual requirements and quantities for many customers, such as those in the automotive industry. To do so we use a special software program to search for VOC-free or non-hazardous formulas. You too can benefit from our flexibility and let us prepare your own individual mixture. Whatever quantity you need, we cover all package sizes ranging from 5-liter cans to drums and containers up to the size of a tank truck, for a fast and reliable service.


  • Acetone Adipates Alcohols Alkane sulfonic acid ester Amines Aminoethylpiperazine Antifreeze
  • Benzine Benzoates, various types Benzyl alcohol Boiled linseed oil Butanediol (1.3 + 1.4) Butanols (N-, iso-, secondary-) Butyl acetate Butyl diglycol Butyl diglycol acetate Butyl glycol Butyl glycol acetate Butyl lactate Butyl triglycol
  • Carbitol®, all types (Dow) Castor oil Cellosolve®, all types (Dow) Cellulose thinners Chlorinated hydrocarbons Chloroform, ethanol-stabilized / trichlormethane Citrates Citric acid ester Citrus terpenes Cleaner, solvent-based Cold cleaning agent A 151® (Shell) Cold cleaning agent from the Stopiclean series Cooling brines Cyclohexane Cyclohexanol Cyclohexanone Cyclopentane
  • D-limonene Dalpad A® (Dow) Dearomatized hydrocarbons (test gasolines, D-series) Decanols Di-octyl terephthalates (DOTP) Di-octylphthalate (DOP) Diacetone alcohol Dibasic ester Dichloromethane / methylene chloride Diethanolamine Diethyl ketone Diethylene glycol Diethylentriamine (DETA) Diisobutyl carbinol Diisobutyl ketone Diisobutyl phthalate (DIBP) Diisononyl phthalate (DINP) Dimethyl acetamide Dimethyl ethanolamine Dimethyl formamide Dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO) Dipentenes Dipropylen glycol DMM glycol di-ether DOW-Safechem safety systems Dowanol®, all types (Dow) (PM, DPM, TPM, PnP, DPnP, PnB, DPnB, TPnB, PPh, PGDA, PMA, DPMA, DMM, EPH) DPM glycol ether DPMA glycol ether DPnB glycol ether DPnP glycol ether
  • EPH glycol ether Ethanol Ethanomines Ethoxy propanol Ethoxy propyl acetate Ethyl acetate Ethyl benzene Ethyl diglycol Ethyl glycol / 2-ethoxy-ethanol Ethyl glycol acetate / 2-ethoxy-ethylacetate Ethyl lactate Ethyl triglycol Ethylamyl ketone Ethylendiamine (EDA) Ethylene carbonate Ethylene glycol Ethylene glycol diacetate (EGDA)
  • Fatty acid ester Film forming agent (Dowanole®, glycols)
  • Gamma butyrolactone Gasolines, special and test gasolines Glycerin Glycols Glykosol N® (pro KÜHLSOLE) Grease removal agents
  • Heat transfer liquids Heptane Hexandiole Hexane Hexyl diglycol Hexyl glycol Hexyl triglycol Hexylene glycol Hot degreasing agent
  • Industrial spirits, all types Isobutanol Isobutyl acetate Isohexadecane Isohexane Isomer mixtures Isooctyl acetate / 2-ethylhexylacetate Isooctylalcohol / 2-ethylhexanol Isoparaffins Isopentane Isophorone Isopropyl acetate Isopropyl alcohol / Isopropanol Isopropyl glycol Isopropyl myristate Isopropyl palmitate Isopropylol
  • Lactates Lactol pharma 90% Lipinol O
  • Methanol pure / methyl alcohol Methoxybutanol Methoxybutyl acetate Methoxyhexanone Methoxypropanol Methoxypropyl acetate Methyl acetate Methyl diglycol Methyl ethyl ketone / 2-butanone Methyl ethyl ketone / butanon-2 Methyl ethyl ketoxime / 2-butanoxime Methyl glycol Methyl glycol acetate Methyl isoamyl ketone Methyl isobutyl carbinol Methyl isobutyl ketone Methyl lactate Methyl triglycol Methylamyl ketone Methylated spirits Methylene chloride / dichloromethane Mineral spirits / mineral turpentine / white spirits Mineral turpentines, white spirits, all types Mixtures in accordance with recipe instructions Monoethanolamines Monoethylene glycol Monostyrene / styrene
  • N-butanol N-butyl acetate N-butyl glycolate N-butyl propionate N-ethylpyrrolidone N-heptane N-hexyl acetate N-methylpyrrolidone N-paraffin C10-C13 N-pentane N-pentanol N-pentyl propionate N-propanol N-propyl acetate N-propyl propionate Nonanols
  • Orange terpenes
  • P-tert Butyl phenol Paint solvent Paint stripping agents Paint thinner Paraffin oils Paraffins (n, iso) Pekasol®, all types (pro KÜHLSOLE) Pekasolar® (pro KÜHLSOLE) Pentane (N, cyclo, iso) Petroleum PGDA glycol ether/propylene glycol diacetate (PGDA) Phenoxy propanol/PPH glycol ether Phosphoric acid ester Phthalates, phthalic acid ester Pickling degreaser Pine oil types PM glycol ether PMA glycol ether PnB glycol ether PnP glycol ether Polyamine Polyethylene glycoles, PEGs (200–20,000) Polypropylene glycoles, PPGs (400–4,000) PPH glycol ether/phenoxypropanol Proglyde DMM® (Dow) Propionate Propyl acetate (n, iso) Propylene carbonate Propylene glycol (1.2 ) Propylene glycol diacetate (PGDA) / PGDA-glycole ether
  • Sebacate Sec. butyl carbinol / 2-methylbutanol Secondary butanol Shellsol®, all types (Shell) Silicone emulsions Silicone oil Softeners (with and without phthalates) Solar heat transfer liquids Solarliquid Solvent IK® (Dow) Solvent mixtures Solvent naphtha (light, heavy, super heavy) Styrene/monostyrene
  • Terpenes Tetrahydrofuran Texanol® Thinner Toluene TPM glycol ether TPnB glycol ether Trichloromethane / chloroform, ethanol-stabilized Triethanolamines Triethylamine Triethylene glycol Triethylene pentamine (TEPA) Triethylene tetramine (TETA) Triisopropanolamine Trimellitates, various types Tripropylene glycol (TPG) Turpentine
  • Universal cold cleaner Universal thinner
  • Vaseline VOC-free solvents
  • White mineral oils White spirit White spirits/mineral spirits/mineral turpentines
  • Xylol

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