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100 years STOCKMEIER Group

Great chemistry since 1920

In 100 years STOCKMEIER has grown from a regional distributor to a group of companies with >50 locations in Germany, Europe and the world. When August Stockmeier founded a company in 1920 in Bielefeld for the distribution of chemical-technical articles, nobody could have foreseen this development.

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Efficient Cleaning Agents

Our "Fellin" products

Acids & Bases
  • Efficient Cleaning Agents

About "Fellin"

Under our “Fellin” brand, we offer the dairy processing industry a range of specially prepared

  • basic
  • acidic
  • neutral

cleaning agents.


  • Custom basic cleaning agents for all milk-conducting systems, even in the single-phase area: Tank cleaning, heater, chiller and milk truck cleaning.
  • Liquid cleaning agents for basic cleaning of tanks, kegs, filling systems and premix systems
  • Basic CIP cleaning agents
  • Acidic cleaning agents for single-phase operation
  • We also have products for other applications – façades, sanitation, filters, etc. – within our product range.


  • Fellin Alkalisch CIP L-ZK Fellin-Spezial M Fellin Fettfilterreiniger Alk. Fellin Reiniger SC Fellin Reinigungsverstärker BG Fellin Schaumreiniger Alkalisch Fellin Spezial BG Fellin-DA Fellin-Fettlöser Alkalisch test Fellin-Rauchharzentferner Fellin-Spezial Fellin-Tankreiniger Alkalisch Fellin-Spezial N
  • Fellin DH Neutral Fellin-Heißschaumbremse Fellin-Reinigungsmittel Fellin-Super-Spülmittel
  • Fellin Betonlöser CF Fellin Betonlöser CFG Fellin Betonlöser Extra Fellin Niro MSW Fellin Niro-Reiniger PS Fellin Sanitärreiniger Sanital Fellin Sanitärreiniger Sanital200 Fellin Sauer LS Fellin Sauer SWH Fellin Spiegelbeize Konzentrat Fellin-Niro-Reiniger K Fellin-Niro-Reiniger Verdünner Fellin-Sauer AS Fellin-Sauer P Fellin-Sauer P/M Fellin-Schaumreiniger Sauer Fellin-Tankreiniger Sauer

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