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100 years STOCKMEIER Group

Great chemistry since 1920

In 100 years STOCKMEIER has grown from a regional distributor to a group of companies with >50 locations in Germany, Europe and the world. When August Stockmeier founded a company in 1920 in Bielefeld for the distribution of chemical-technical articles, nobody could have foreseen this development.

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Car Care

Professional products for car wash

The experts for washing and care chemicals

Everything for the car wash

We are specialists in washing and care chemicals for car wash technology. We offer a comprehensive range for the car wash. Special focus is placed on products for wash-up lines. Here we offer a comprehensive portfolio, from pre-cleaner to gloss wax. In addition, we also offer products for processing and self-service washing stations, as well as chemicals for waste water treatment.

All products are concentrates whose quality is guaranteed by production and continuous in-house QM monitoring. We have a VDA-compliant product line. This is in line with the strict requirements of the automotive industry, perfect washing results and environmentally friendly operation.

We would be happy to advise you personally on our products. 

Products & services

  • Auto-Gloss-Shampoo SC10810 Cockpit Care SC11930 Magic Clean Wheel Rim Cleaner Stain Remover SC10690 Flash Rust Remover Extra Flash Rust Remover SC 11910 Rubber and Plastic Care SC 11630 TR Interior Cleaner KT Brilliant Glass Foam KT Specialty Cleaner Unistar KT Wash + Dry with Gloss 3-in-1 KT Rubber Care KT-Pico-Bello Lerapur Glass Cleaner 320 Lerasept® AC Engine Cleaner SC 11850 Wax Residue and Adhesive Remover SC1374 Glass Cleaner SC 10800 Lotus Glass Cleaner Shining FG Stobi-Clean95 Super Classic SC12430 Super Kleen All-Purpose VP356 Super Kleen Wheel Rim Cleaner Tar Remover SC10750 Tar Remover Ultra SC10751 Wardol Orange Cleaner
  • Bio Plus Service Water Stabilizer Aquafloc Star Flocking Agent KF Flocking Agent Odor Blocker pH Regulator SC 12104
  • Gloss Tec Pre Clean Insect Ex LotuSCare® VO1 LotuSCare®Profumo Super Kleen All-Purpose Cleaner VP 356 Super Kleen Wheel Rim Cleaner
  • Leraclen® MK LotuSCare ® Wheel Rim Cleaner VDA LotuSCare® Pre-Max HW LotuSCare® Profumo Tarpaulin Cleaner SC12880 Low Foaming Pre-Cleaner SC11730
  • Active Foam Raspberry SC10820 Gloss Tec Foam LotuSCare ® Intensive Gloss Wash LotuSCare® Shampoo MSC 07 Foam Shampoo SC11810 Shampoo, Acidic Spruce Shampoo SC10814 Special Foam Apple Spezial Schaum Peach Special Foam SC 10444 Car Wash Shampoo SC10840
  • Gloss Dryer SC 12590 Gloss Tec Flavour Gloss Tec Preservative Gloss Tec Protect LotuSCare® Diamond plus LotuSCare® HG Plus Wax LotuSCare® Crystal LotuSCare® Ruby LotuSCare ® Underbody Preservative Ultra Line Nano
  • Leraclen® S13 Lerapur ® Care Oil 390 Lerasept ® Moss and Algae Remove Multi- Kleen SC10890 Spray Wax/Gloss Dryer SC10580 Super Kleen All-Purpose SC11560
  • Regeneration salt for water softening Truck cleaning products Skin protection scheme Winter products
  • Expert business partner for all your questions about the Employer's Liability Insurance Association Expert sales service for on-site support Cleaning schedule for car wash businesses

Benefits to you

  • Comprehensive product portfolio
  • VDA compliant products
  • Years of experience
  • Personal Advice
Washing system with blue brushes

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