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NEW PRODUCT in our textile segment process chemicals: KAPPASOL NOA

KAPPASOL NOA is a new developed deaerating agent with defoaming properties for the application during wet finishing.

Due his high shear resistance it is especially suitable for yarn, beam and jet dyeing.

Due to an adjusted combination of wetting, foam-reducing and deaerating substances, KAPPASOL NOA accelerates the penetration, inequalities of dyeing caused by trapped air are avoid.

KAPPASOL NOA shows a good defoaming effect at low temperatures and can therefore also be used as defoamer for continuous processes.

Recommended application level: 0.3 – 1.0 g/l   KAPPASOL NOA

KAPPASOL NOA should be added to the application bath before adding any other chemicals/auxiliaries. The product is compatible with all anionic and nonionic substances, it shows excellent stability against alkali, acid and peroxide in standard concentrations.