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KAPP-CHEMIE participated in the Münz Company Run

Colleagues of KAPP-CHEMIE ran for charity purpose.

This year, ten runners of KAPP-CHEMIE started on June 22nd at the Münz Company Run in Koblenz. The purpose of this event is on the one hand the presentation of the company in the region as well as the charity idea: part of the registration fee goes to the Münz foundation, which is committed to the promotion of youth sports in the supra-regional area.

With good running results according to the age groups, the colleagues arrived at the finish line - and then at the food stalls for a well-deserved drink and snack. This year, too, it was a lot of fun for all participants. It was again a great experience to participate in this sports event with 17,000 "colleagues" and to have contributed to a good cause.