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Commercial agents wanted

We are looking for new commercial agencies for both our business segments Tissue and Textile Auxiliaries in different countries.

Are you an experienced commercial agent who is familiar with contacting/ networking with new potential customers, leading to mediate business?

To enlarge our business worldwide, we are looking for respective business partners on a basis of commission payment for two different areas:
For our business segment Tissue it concerns the markets of Chile and Mexico, for our business segment Textile Auxiliaries it concerns the markets of France, Italy and Spain as well as the Asian market Vietnam and furthermore the market of South Africa.

In case you are interested in trading for us, please contact Ms. Katharina Fischer, head of sales; We will be pleased to give you more details.

Further information about our business segments Tissue and Textile Auxiliaries, you will find on this website.



Katharina Fischer
Head of Sales

+49 6772 / 9311-420