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B:A:M - the vocational and training fair of KAPP-CHEMIE

On Saturday, 28 April 2018, KAPP-CHEMIE, together with the companies Heuchemer Verpackung/Miehlen and Heymann/Nastätten, organised its first professional and training fair (B:A:M). The event took place all day long on the company premises and offered a varied programme on the subject of training.

The special feature of the new vocational and training fair was the vivid demonstration of the training occupations of the three companies with the aim of inspiring young people in their search for a training place. 
While Heuchemer and Heymann were guided through the companies every hour, KAPP-CHEMIE offered the following topics:

  • Presentation of KAPP-CHEMIE and the training professions,
  • Tour of the company,
  • Film about the production of toilet paper and kitchen rolls as well as a demonstration in the colour and glue laboratory. 

The interested pupils and other visitors were able to get an overview of the training as a chemical laboratory assistant and get an impression of the versatility of the training.
Between the companies in Miehlen and Nastätten there was a free shuttle service to enable visitors to visit all three companies (and their training professions) on this day. This allowed visitors to switch between the two venues about every half hour. 
In addition, further information opportunities were offered on the event areas for interested parties, such as the Chamber of Industry and Commerce and the Employment Agency, which were available on this day for all questions on the subject of training.

We have achieved our goal, namely to make KAPP-CHEMIE and its training professions better known in the region, and will consider whether and how we will continue to pursue this concept.